Our Story.


Like many of us, I grew up with fond memories of Tecmo Super Bowl. My parents were divorced, and Dad got the Nintendo. So every other weekend, I would make sure to play a full season and make him play as well. For whatever reason I loved being the Saints and he would be the Chiefs. This would last for years before the Nintendo flat out died. Fast forward to my mid teens when I happened to be in Funco Land, a now defunct video game chain and stumbled upon an SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl. My SNES still worked great, but I wondered if it could duplicate my all-time favorite, Tecmo Super Bowl. The gameplay was close enough, including some new cutscenes, the ability to block punts and the stupid dive play when you needed a yard. I knew people played online but I was never computer savvy and didn't realize you could play with a controller, I tried playing with the keyboard and it was impossible.

Every now and then I would search "Tecmo Super Bowl" online just to see what would come up, hoping there were people that still loved this game as much as me. I couldn't believe what I found. A whole community not just playing the game, but tournaments around the country. I looked if there were any in the Northeast, and noticed there was one coming up in NYC. It was amazing to see a whole other level of playing, something you don't realize when you've been playing against the computer for 15 years. There were a couple tournaments in NJ, but nothing seemed to last more than a year. I knew I had to hold my own tournament. Along with long running tournaments in NYC and CT, I am happy to be a part of Northeast Tecmo. Hope to see you out on the Tecmo gridiron.

BY Greg Lewis